We have reached episode 100 of Dawn of the Dead Thursday. This episode features some special guests from the 1979 film. Stay tuned until the end for a special announcement on the future of the series. 

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June 2022

Tickets are now on sale for the Thursday of the Dead screening of Demons (1985)! We are returning to the Tower Theatre for a one time screening on Thursday July 7th, 2022. Tickets are handled via Eventbrite only. Click the image to the left to make your purchase!

Original Art on Etsy!
Limited Edition Signed Prints for Sale!

December 5th, 2019

DAWN OF THE DEAD 40th Anniversary screening (1979)

For one night only! Music and Monsters is proud to present George A Romero's Zombie masterpiece Dawn of the Dead! This classic horror film returns for a 40th US Anniversary screening at The Tower Theatre in Sacramento, CA.

The Tower Theatre is the only remaining cinema that showed Dawn of the Dead back in 1979. This also marks the only non 3D screening of Dawn for it's 40th Anniversary!

Thursday December 5th, 2019! General admission tickets are $10 / VIP (Including an exclusive signed commemorative art print $25!‚Äč

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August 2021

Thursday of the Dead begins with episode 101, as it is the next chapter of Jace Witman's Dawn of the Dead Thursday. Jace felt that episode 100 was a nice goal for the

series and is now expanding the show to include the other films in George A Romero's Dead series, as well as other zombie films by directors who were inspired by Romero. 

March 2021

Jace spent a lot of the last year working on music videos for Michael Edward Johnson, The Hypnotic Alien, and NightGod. 

Moon Rise is the most recent release from NightGod. This is the opening track for the album "Apparition".

March 2022

Fused is a new track by NightGod. The music video was created by Jace. 

July 2021

Jace created the music video for the new 

NightGod track "The Deadest". This musical

collaboration with Michael Edward Johnson 

was already creepy, so Jace went with that 


February 2022

Lights Out was originally scheduled to be one of the first music videos for NightGod. The pandemic made the original vision for the video impossible, which was scripted like a found-footage horror movie. 

After much delay (and discussion), Jace was able to create a music video for the song. NightGod approves and they're already working on the next video.

May 2022

Above the Ground is a mini horror movie set to the latest track by NightGod. Once again, the music video was created by Jace. 

There are three more songs and videos in the works for NightGod, which should complete the debut album "Apparition" which should be out later this Summer.