We have reached episode 100 of Dawn of the Dead Thursday. This episode features some special guests from the 1979 film. Stay tuned until the end for a special announcement on the future of the series. 

40th Anniversary screening of Dawn of the Dead was the first screening at the Tower Theatre in Sacramento. Dawn of the Dead played there back in 1979, so it was one of the only 40th anniversary screenings of Dawn of the Dead that took place in one of the 1979 theaters!

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December 2019 - 40th Anniversary

screening of Dawn of the Dead

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NightGod - Apparition - Album release 2023

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August 2021

Thursday of the Dead begins with episode 101, as it is the next chapter of Jace Witman's Dawn of the Dead Thursday. Jace felt that episode 100 was a nice goal for the

series and is now expanding the show to include the other films in George A Romero's Dead series, as well as other zombie films by directors who were inspired by Romero. 

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​Thursday of the Dead Film Series

2019-2023 at the Tower Theatre

             Sacramento, CA

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