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December 5th, 2019

DAWN OF THE DEAD 40th Anniversary screening (1979)

For one night only! Music and Monsters is proud to present George A Romero's Zombie masterpiece Dawn of the Dead! This classic horror film returns for a 40th US Anniversary screening at The Tower Theatre in Sacramento, CA.

The Tower Theatre is the only remaining cinema that showed Dawn of the Dead back in 1979. This also marks the only non 3D screening of Dawn for it's 40th Anniversary!

Thursday December 5th, 2019! General admission tickets are $10 / VIP (Including an exclusive signed commemorative art print $25!‚Äč

Dawn of the Dead Thursday 

The only real break in episodes of Dawn of the Dead Thursday were during my recovery from my stroke. 

As of Episode 50, there's a new format.

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by NightGod (featuring Michael Edward Johnson on guitar)

New music from NightGod is now available on all streaming platforms!

More music from NightGod is in the works, including a music video for the next single "Lights Out" which will be directed and edited by Jace Witman

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Tickets for Dawn of the Dead 1979

Marmalade by Michael Edward Johnson

Music video directed and edited by Jace Witman

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November 2019:

Much to discuss. 

I survived a stroke in February, came home after learning to walk again. 

I spent a couple months unable to play music or draw. 

Now, I'm pushing things more than I had before. This includes new limited signed art prints / fundraiser / music video and music!

March 2021

I've spent a lot of the last year working on music videos for Michael Edward Johnson, The Hypnotic Alien, and NightGod. 

Moon Rise is the most recent release from NightGod. This is the opening track for the album "Apparition".